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NFTZ ALCHEM INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Established and registered in Ningbo Free Trade Zone, with 10 years business experience on the marketing & distribution of Pharmaceutical Intermediates,Food & Nutrition additive and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Our business range covers:
CONTRACT MANUFACTURING  We cooperate with reliable factories in custom contract manufacturing and prepared to execute customers highly specialized synthesis. It can be performed on the basis of the customer's specification. We have fully integrated system of production facilities designed for manufacture of APIs and intermediates. Reaction capabilities involve multi-step synthesis, hydrogenation, Fluorination, Bromination Cyanation and so on.
RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT We have strong ability in R&D, and have along-term and good collaboration with certained universities andresearch institutes. We develop the new and high quality chemicalsand pharmaceuticals from Gram scale, Kg scale to Mt scaleaccording to customer's requirements.
MARKETING  With our extensive knowledge of chemical industry, export business experience and good relations with near 500 domestic chemical & pharmaceutical factories, and professional Academic Institiutions,we always provide customers with excellent products and reliable service.
As a trading company and sales agent and sometimes broker, something we always keep in mind - quality & price, professionality & efficiency, reliability & reputation .since we understand very well that "if we don't, someone else will."